We help brands deliver value with relevance to drive business growth.

Adaptive innovation is a big thing for brands of the future. Companies are leveraging Mator operating models to create value at scale.

Design is a means of thinking. We leverage the power of design to help you create value and deliver differentiated experiences to your customers at scale.

Our culture of innovation and agility helps our clients stay ahead of constantly changing markets. We help you create value and save up to 90% of time and resources commonly wasted in ideation, product design and crafting future-proof business models.

Upenyu Machingambi
Founder and CEO of Mator


T. Chokera
CEO-Tofara Online

Wow you are a very powerful speaker. All thanks to your enlightening words that inspired so many of us. I also thank you on behalf of our other guests who were thrilled to have you and exchange a few words with you.

N. Kobali
Founder - NK Digital

Great meeting you Upenyu Machingambi and will always remember and quote your classic saying ”Your customers are online and your business is offline”. A very pertinent and true statement.

S. Muteyiwa
Head of Marketing - Protraz

It was so great to meet and work with you. Such rich knowledge.

D. Kagande
CEO - HealthPharm Group

Thank you so much for the sterling job! You were equal to the task.